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At any one time, a minimum of a thousand theatre programs (plus at least a thousand Playbills) are listed on this site. They date from the latter part of the Nineteenth Century until today and, although most come from the USA and the UK, there are also examples from other countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Canada.
     More programs are being added all the time and we always have several thousand other programs in stock. If you are looking for anything particular that has not yet been listed, please complete a wants list.

Because theatre programs, at least in the early days, were designed to be used rather than preserved, it is difficult to find early copies in near perfect condition.
A full description of each item is given. Additional historical information about all major actors and actresses is given in linked bibliographies.

The following grading system of theatre programs is used:

MINT – as originally issued; as good as new.
FINE – appears to be new but closer inspection reveals signs of aging.
VERY GOOD – small but obvious signs of wear and/or aging.
GOOD – complete, but with obvious flaws (specified in the description).

No item is offered for sale that is incomplete or has major imperfections.

The most important considerations are overall condition, age, rarity, the star performers, and the proximity of the issue to the opening night.

Each item is listed separately. Detailed information is given and you can view a clickable scan of many items.

Special Purchase – British National Theatre
Having made a special purchase of these desirable programs from a theatre museum, we are able to offer them to our customers at the very special price of

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