The Golden Age of Theatre (1880-1920)

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A History of Theatre Postcards
A short illustrated article charting the post card history from the beginnings of the public postal system up to the
Golden Age of Postcards (1901-1914)

A History of Playbills & Theatre Programs

A short illustrated history

1. Lena Ashwell (1872-1957) – important classical actor & the first organizer of large-scale war-time troop entertainment Lena.jpg (17047 bytes)
2. Edith Wynne Matthison (1875-1955) – famed for playing Everyman & for being an early love of Edna St. Vincent Millay Matthison.jpg (20695 bytes)
3. Cecilia (Cissy) Loftus (1876-1943) – when she made her stage debut at 15, Max Beerbohm became infatuated with her and Toulouse Lautrec sketched her. She became one of the most versatile of performers with a career extending over fifty years. Loftus2.jpg (22157 bytes)
4. Adeline Genée (1875-1955) – billed by Florenz Ziegfeld as ‘the world’s greatest dancer’ who not only popularized ballet but did much to re-establish it as an important art form in Britain and America. Genee1.jpg (24845 bytes)
5. Harley Granville Barker (1877-1946) – actor and director who did much to establish Bernard Shaw as a major playright and brought new life to the staging of Shakespeare’s plays –
Part 1  Part 2
Barker.jpg (18851 bytes)
6. Constance Collier (1878-1955) – the Gaiety girl who became a much-loved classical actress and then Hollywood’s most famous acting coach
7. Marie Löhr (1890-1975) – the Australian-born star whose theatrical career extended over 72 years and who made more than 40 films
8. Sir John Hare (1844-1921) – one of the most famous English actors and theatre managers in the late 1800s. Hare.jpg (24957 bytes)
9. Arthur Bourchier (1863-1927) & Violet Vanbrugh (1856-1942) B3.jpg (31530 bytes)
10. Courtice Pounds (1862-1927), star of Gilbert & Sullivan productions who became a great Shakespeare player; & his sister, Louie Pounds (1873-?), briefly a star of musical plays. Pounds2.jpg (19644 bytes) LPb.jpg (25557 bytes)
11. Cyril Maude (1862-1951) – influential comedian, actor and theatre manager whose stage career extended over 60 years CM1.jpg (13453 bytes)
12. Winifred Emery (1862-1921) – at the end of the Nineteenth Century, she was one of England’s most popular actresses, both in classical plays and comedy WEb.jpg (23507 bytes)
13. E. S. Willard (1853-1915) – his intense but controlled style of acting had an immense – although now all but forgotten – impact on the theatre, both in England and the United States ESW.jpg (20032 bytes)
14. Daisy Wood (1877-1961) – a younger sister of Marie Lloyd who had her own successful music-hall career. DW2.jpg (26396 bytes)
15. Sir Seymour Hicks (1871-1949) – distinguished actor-manager, playwright and early film star, whose theatrical career extended for more than 60 years
16. Ellaline Terriss (1872-1971) – pretty, demure & talented star of musical comedies who achieved enormous popularity at the turn of the Nineteenth Century ET9.jpg (23758 bytes)
17. H. B Irving (1870-1919) – son of Sir Henry Irving &
Dorothea Baird (1975-1933)- the original British Trilby
Baird2.jpg (20854 bytes) Baird9.jpg (24829 bytes)
18. Dame Irene Vanbrugh (1872-1949) – a skilled & effective star of the British theatre who delighted audiences for over 50 years Dame Irene Vanbrugh
19. Isabel Jay (1879-1927) – a principal D’Oyly Carte soprano who became a star of musical drama IJ8.jpg (31255 bytes)
20. Gabrielle Ray (1883-1973) – once described as being ‘the most beautiful woman in the United Kingdom’ GR5y.jpg (18524 bytes)
21. Photo Gallery of  Gertie MILLAR (1879-1952) – the much loved star of English musical comedies from 1901 to 1915
Part 1 – Biography (20 photos)
Part 2 – Shows 1901-6 (24 photos)
Part 3 – Shows 1906-9 (27 photos)
Part 4 – Shows 1910-11 (22 photos)
Part 5 – Shows 1912-15 (23 photos)

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