A History of Playbills & Theatre Programs

A History of Playbills and (depending on which spelling you prefer) Theatre Programs, Theater Programs or Theatre Programmes ‘Playbill’ and ‘program’ (or, in Britain, ‘programme’) are commonly accepted today as being the same thing. However, the origins of the two words are somewhat different.

A History of Theatre Postcards

A History of Theatre Postcards

Developments before the Golden Age of Theatre Postcards – 1840-1901 The world’s first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black, was issued in Great Britain in 1840. (Before that, it was the recipient and not the sender who paid for delivery.) As a proof of payment and to prevent illegal reuse of the postage stamp, a […]

The Golden Age of Theatre (1880-1920)

The Golden Age of Theatre (1880-1920)

A History of Theatre Postcards A short illustrated article charting the post card history from the beginnings of the public postal system up to the Golden Age of Postcards (1901-1914) A History of Playbills & Theatre Programs A short illustrated history

Photography – OSVALDO SALAS

This is almost certainly the last time there will be a major sale of photos that were taken, hand-printed & signed by Osvaldo Salas. During the last twenty years of his life, because of a shortage of photographic materials in Cuba, he usually printed and signed photos only when they had been ordered and when […]

Bibliography of Cornish Medieval Drama

Manuscripts of three full-length Cornish medieval plays have survived. They are: a cycle performed on three consecutive days known as the Ordinale (or ‘authorative text’), probably written in the fourteenth century; a saint’s play, Beunans Meriasek (‘The Life of St. Meriasek’), dated in the surviving manuscript 1504 but certainly originally written earlier; and the first […]

Theatre Programs

At any one time, a minimum of a thousand theatre programs (plus at least a thousand Playbills) are listed on this site. They date from the latter part of the Nineteenth Century until today and, although most come from the USA and the UK, there are also examples from other countries, including France, Germany, Italy […]


Theatre MemorabiliaThe 4,000 or so items are divided into 5 main sections which have links to the many sub-sections. Click below to go to the section of your choice or, to see the latets additions, scroll down. PLAYBILLS THEATRE PROGRAMS THEATRE & CINEMA POSTCARDSThe Lowest Prices on the Net – starting at $1.00; most $5.00 […]

Modern Signed Engravings

by Living Italian Artists presented by The Marche is one of the least known and most beautiful regions of Italy. Stretching from the Adriatic coast to the Apennine Mountain range, it is full of medieval towns nestling on the hilltops overlook fertile valleys. The area has for long had an important artistic tradition. There were […]

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